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January 11, 2013

Athletes Can Read the Latest Information on Risks and Treatments for Hockey, Skiing and Snowboarding


COLLINGWOOD, Ont. — During the chillier months winter sports enthusiasts and athletes may see and feel strain on their bodies that affects them differently than during the other seasons. Luckily new treatments continue to be developed and offered by professionals who are specialists at administering them.

Collingwood Sport Medicine & Rehabilitation Centre offers articles on its website that provide information on how certain winter sports can cause stress on the body. As well these articles give information on how these stresses can be relieved, and sometimes even eliminated, using innovative and/or traditional treatments.

Click each topic to learn more about specific winter sports related prevention, injuries, risks and treatments:

  • Hockey
  • Skiing
  • Snowboarding
  • Collingwood Sport Medicine & Rehabilitation Centre, uses an integrated team approach to assess and treat injuries related to an active lifestyle. Its services range from chiropractic, massage, athletic and exercise therapy to orthotics, acupuncture, laser and spinal decompression treatments. They are located in Cranberry Mews, 10 Keith Avenue, Collingwood, ON. Their phone number is (705) 444-5303.